Through the Lancashire Local Skills Improvement Plan, employers fed back to us that they are concerned about the work readiness of young people. In response to that feedback we, the Chambers, Lancashire Skills and Employment Hub and Lancashire Careers Hub want to work in partnership with Lancashire employers to improve the work readiness of young people.

By defining a common work readiness language, we can support young people in their transition from education to work. This language can be integrated into employer encounters and experiences of the workplace, which will take place through careers provision and skill development within the curriculum, as well as embedding the language into the recruitment and induction of young people into the workplace.

To do this we need feedback from you so that we can focus on the skills that are the most important to Lancashire employers and develop a common language with education and we would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete this short 3 question survey.

Employer Skills Focus Questionnaire Survey (

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