Lancashire Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) is bringing together employers, providers and other key stakeholders to deliver on the skills and employment priorities highlighted in the LSIP report.

The Lancashire LSIP report was given full approval by the Secretary of State for Education and was published in August. Providers have received the information relating to specific skills needs and occupation shortages to inform their Accountability Agreements and curriculum design.

Alongside this detailed skills information are a range of priorities to deal with some of the biggest issues affecting Lancashire employers:

·         Attracting enough people into key industries and occupations;

·         Improving work-readiness and employability skills;

·         Raising awareness of what training is available and what funding can support that;

·         Keeping pace with the number of digital roles that will be required and upskilling staff to give them digital confidence and competence;

·         Developing understanding and uptake of green skills.

Key to delivering on most of the priorities is strong collaboration between employers, providers, local authorities, trade bodies, and those involved with careers advice and support. Where possible the LSIP will work with existing groups but where there is a need new business clusters are being created.

The first clusters will act as pilots and focus on specific issues relevant to each cluster and inform skills projects in the county. These pilot clusters are:

·       Manufacturing – a cluster covering all manufacturing across Lancashire from which sub-sector clusters and groups dealing with particular themes can be drawn

·       Green Skills in Construction & Associated Trades – supporting the development of new provision for green skills and retrofit

·       Catering & Hospitality – supporting a new project to provide the skills needed in the sector

The Chamber’s LSIP team is engaging with employers of all sizes to get involved with these pilot clusters. To get involved or to find out more information click here.


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