During his recent speech at the Conservative Party Conference, the Prime Minister announced plans for the introduction of a new Advanced British Standard. This qualification intends to place “equal value on technical and academic knowledge and skills by harnessing the best parts of both A levels and T levels.”

The announcement has resulted in much confusing about the immediate and long-term future of T Levels. Employers, students and parents are especially concerned about whether these courses will be around over the next few years and whether they will be a recognised qualification if they are scrapped so soon after appearing.

It is important to note that any new standard like the ABS will take years to be developed and replace any existing standards. T Levels themselves took a decade to introduce and be rolled out with a slow, staggered approach that is still going on now.

Assurances have also been received from the Department for Education that T Levels are not being dropped or de-prioritised, and they remain full committed to them.

With thousands of T Level students studying at present, and with tens of thousands more set to join them over the next few years, it essential that employers still engage and support the Industry Placement element of the qualification, without which these young people cannot graduate.

The Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships, Robert Halfon, has recently written how T Levels will form the backbone of the new ABS:

“T Levels will be the foundation of the technical options within the Advanced British Standard, and we will continue their roll-out. Those of you familiar with T Levels’ structure will recognise much in the proposals …, including a ‘core’ module, an occupational specialism and industry placement.”

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